Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Gosh it's a while since I was here. Been very busy with one thing and another, the main thing: hard at rehearsals for a musical show.......Yes, I've joined the local amateur operatic society! We opened to (Surprisingly) a full house last night with "Memories Are Made Of This" a show made up of music and songs of the 20's-----60's. Artistes like Flanagan and Allen, Bing Crosby, Doris Day, Judy Garland and such like......The opening, last night, was a great success. I do two solo's and a duet. "Swinging On A Star" (Crosby) and a monologue, "Deck Of Cards" (Bygraves) and the duet is with Sally, a stunning Welsh redhead with a voice like an Angel, who I've fallen hopelessly in love with, "Play A Simple Melody" (Crosby). We're running until Saturday 30th. After the show we all trooped to the pub' for the usual discussion. Everyone was in great spirits.

It's good to have found another interest and I'm enjoying it enormously, my only negative thought is why did'nt I do it sooner. Ah, but it's a great life............

Saturday, June 19, 2004

It seems as if I've been away for ages......well I have been rather busy, just hav'nt had the time to get near my computer for the last two weeks, consequently I owe all my friends mail....Not going to be able to catch up this weekend either. I hope my friends will bear with me....I'm back on the night trunk....Dave came to see me the other day, almost begging me to help him out again, so here I am for the next few weeks.

The extra money will help pay for the new car. Yes, finally got rid of the old Rover for a Peudeot 306 Maridian.....not as luxurious as the old Stirling but what a difference in the fuel consumption....now we can do two trips to Jo's mum for a tenner instead of fifteen quid for one, in the old gal. Jo' loves it, to me? it's an evil necessity...but it is nice to drive.

Fathers day again. Got the usual cards from the children.....at least two of them think I'm 'the best Dad in the world'!!! With a bit of luck I may get to see the odd one tomorrow!

It rained most of last night and this morning started off quite nicely but it's gone and spoiled itself now....very overcast and dark, it looks like the heavens are about to open wide! Apparently we're not going to have a repeat of last summer.

Blair has gone and signed that confounded constitution. What absolute arrogance of the the man. Did'nt he get any sort of message from last weeks' European elections? Does'nt he know that most of us---his employers---dont want to give our Country away? What arrogance.......

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Went to see the Doc' this morning, got an awful, dull, throbbing pain in the left side of my chest and back.....alarm bells started ringing, so I thought, better safe than sorry.....He packed me off to the hospital for an x-ray...of course one never knows whats wrong for at least a week later, but the pain persists....I'm back tomorrow if it continues.....This dull, dreary weather does'nt help!

Wonder how Murray is getting on? Hav'nt heard from him since he started the training course for his new job....Regional Manager for a tyre manufacturer....14 weeks product knowledge course. There must be a lot more that goes into the manufacture of tyres than one imagines.....Still with only the weekend at home, he'll find it difficult to find time for his old Dad!!

But it's got to brighten up soon, we're nearly into Summer........

Monday, May 10, 2004

I really dont' know why I continue to watch these soaps on TV......force of habit I suppose. I always believed that they were supposed to reflect every-day life.....nothing is further from the truth.....Where on Earth do they find these ACTORS(?)....How on Earth do they expect us to believe the story lines? I often wonder if these ACTORS(?) are embarrassed reciting the scripted lines....When do they ever go to work? They're either always in the pub' or in the street squabbling with each other. How is it, I wonder, that one goes from a school boy, one minute, to the owner/operator of a working farm or garage??? Oh, Emmerdale grow up!........

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Not so on this dreary Sunday morning.......I cant' remember a May thats been so wet and miserable, hope it brightens up soon, for Jo's sake......she's put so much hard work into the garden and it is looking lovely.

Went to see Denise and Bruce at the Vine last night.....they moved two weeks ago.....from the Railway......they're slowly getting the mess, they walked into, sorted out.....The previous tenants? Never thought people could live with such filth!......Not too sure if I'm going to continue going to Railway......the new tenants are Gypsies.....Marlene and Mick, we've already re-christened him Boysie! Suppose we've got to give them a chance......The only thing is he's covered with tattoos, drips with gold and wears trainers all the time.....The consolation is that Denise and Bruce are only a mile and a half away.

It's good to have Jacquie back from her visit, with her family in America....we did exchange a couple of e-mails while she was there......I imagine she's still catching up with things.

Orkut finally came through after all the problems they've been having.....I registered and introduced Sylvia and Josie.....but I dont know........

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Well it's been quite a while since I've written.....I always seem to write on a beautiful day and today is one of those......Things are going well, Jo' is much, much better, she took the advice of one of my penfriends with regard to her (Jo's) medication which, I'm very pleased to say has paid off.......also she has been dry for just over two months. Thanks Josie and if you read this, I still cannot e-mail you.....the short notes go through ok but when I write a longish one, it's returned with the usual message: "Host Unknown" so please write again, I'm not ignoring you!

What are these band of crooks and con-merchants-----who govern us----trying to conceal about this immigration mess now? They've been caught out in so many lies, half truths, spin......Qualified trades people?.......a fingerless electrician? a roofer with one leg?......What, I wonder, became of the supposed security checks?.......There is absolutely no control on our borders and it seems that we're wide open to any terrorist who wants to come in and explode his bomb.......I imagine, like everything else, they'll close the stable doors once the horse has bolted........Ah, but is still is a beautiful day........

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

John rang yesterday to ask if I fancied going to bingo with him......as I had nothing better to do I went along and we did have a small win which made the trip worth while.....Lovely day again today....Jo's out in the garden.....she seems to have recovered some of her enthusiasm.....she's been dry for four weeks.....keeping fingers crossed.....

Must get into town tomorrow and see about a new car....had the old girl about four years now and she's ready for a change....Going for something smaller this time. I've got my mind set on a Peugeot 306....hav'nt decided whether to go for new or used, have to check the bank balance. Ah but is a lovely day.........

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