Saturday, January 31, 2004

Saturday, at last.....seemed to take forever getting here this week. Just back from town, Jo' wanted to go.....in spite of the awful weather..... "just for a window shop and a coffee somewhere" she said......it cost me a small fortune!!! I have to watch her like a hawk when she gets amongst the shops. It was worth every penny though, just to see her cheer up, poor girl does'nt get out much these days.

Apart from the non-stop rain-----far more acceptable than the snow and ice-----had an uneventful trip last night. Got home at 05.15 to a longish soak in a lovely hot bath, replied to some e-mails then went to town.

As I hav'nt had any better offers, it's the pub tonight. in the mean time I must get some sleep.....

Thursday, January 29, 2004

What an awful night.......the journey was an absolute nightmare, there and back....the "SHEEP" were out in full strength which did'nt help a lot.....there were dozens and dozens of abandoned cars and lorries on the hard shoulder of the M6. The A14 too....only the A14 has no hard shoulder which made driving on it very dangerous. It was freezing hard which turned the roads into ice rinks......Worse, my screen washer had frozen so I was unable to use it, I had to stop, and get out to clean my screen, several times.......I eventually got home, three hours late, in one piece.

What a change this morning.....bright, blue, sunny sky, but still very cold......not exactly helping a thaw to set in.

Jo's not too good this morning.....I wish she would try to help herself, I wish she would get interested in something, take up a hobby or even try her hand at playing with this bag of tricks.....but I suspect she'd rather sit around moping. She wont even be bothered to go see the quack.....I dont know.....it's so frustrating......Must go and try to sleep.........

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Yesterday I wondered what had happened to all that snow and severe weather they said we were in for.....Monday night was crisp, clear and cold....perfect conditions for driving.....but no snow......even last night, up in the midlands, not a trace, and most of the way back, nothing......then as I came by Thrapston, some evidence of light snow fall on the roadsides, as I came further East I began to see that it had come down quite heavily......Peterborough and it's immediate surroundings were covered in a thick white blanket.....they must have had a good two or three inches while I'd been up in the midlands. From my studio window I am looking out at a beautiful Christmas card scene.....the reflection of the bright sunshine on snow covered rooftops and trees is almost blinding.

I see that liar-in-chief Blair has done it again by a mere five votes and those from Scottish MP's whose students are'nt even burdened with top-up fees....Hardly seems fair......but then what's fair or honest about this gang of crooks?.......

Monday, January 26, 2004

Not a very nice morning.....drizzly, misty rain and very cold.....Do hope it warms up a little before tonight.

John rang to ask if I fancied going for a pint, well, I did'nt need too much coaxing, met him down there at 9.30.......Nicola and Tim were in. Nicola is beginning to show now.....surely they cant' keep it quiet for too much longer, the little Bradley in due sometime in July........

Had to make a difficult decision last night........wheather or not to tell Bruce that Emma was on the fiddle. Well, Bruce and Denise work hard and life is not easy for publicans these days and why should anyone get away with stealing from them? I did what I had to do.

Jo' let me down again......went down for lunch and found her collapsed on the kitchen floor.....I really am at the end of my thether and dont' know what to do. A friend suggested some options, but I know what she's like, she just will not co-operate or even try to help herself.......This cross sure as hell is heavy........

Sunday, January 25, 2004

It's after tea time on this cold Sunday, been a nice sunny day though.....The weather people are forecasting quite severe conditions for the coming week....I wonder if they'll get it right this time?

Had a really lazy Saturday, did'nt do a thing apart from going for the paper and doing the lottery.......Alas I still have to watch the pennies!

Went to the Railway last night, got there at about 8.45......quite a few in, the restuarant area was busy. John did'nt show, wonder where he got to? Had a game of dominos with Jean, Peter and Spence'. Spence' left early, said he'd promised Jill....a likely story. Sid and Simon were at it again......stirring it for anyone who came within firing range......Right pair those two.......Come to think of it I left early too, well, earlier than normal. At around midnight I could hardly keep my eyes open, so I came home leaving a couple of pints in the wood.

I read Jacquie's blogs with some relish....she's so interesting.....and amusing.....made my mouth water reading of her curry lunch.....when I had to settle for roast beef etc.

Going to try another week of night trunks.....I do hope nobodys pinched my decent trailer.....In her blog today Jacquie mentions curtains.....well, she's right in her younger days when she hiked around the globe, there were no such things......and hiking was safer.....society was not as sick as it is these days......

Saturday, January 24, 2004

10.30 and I hav'nt been to bed yet.....must try to get some sleep, I find it so difficult to sleep in the day time.......But it's Saturday and I've been looking forward to today all week.

The weather was terrible last night.......rained all the way there but it did stop for me while I undid my curtains.....Yet another trailer change......and an even better, newer one, am I the lucky chap. Being Friday night and I suppose everyone wanting to get away, I managed to clear at 02.15 so was home relatively earlier.

It's a grand morning, clear, blue skies and brilliant sun shine but very cold, ofcourse I'll miss most of it with having to go to bed.

I seem to be much in demand at the moment......Dave, another friend, called earlier and wanted me to do a run today and tomorrow, he was unaware that I was already occupied, naturally I had to turn him down......even for the big bucks on offer.....Ah but it stillis a beautiful day.......

Friday, January 23, 2004

06.30 and I've just finished a bowl of corn flakes, having crawled out of a lovely hot bath. What a lousy night......drizzly, misty rain which did'nt make for good visibility.....Finally I got rid of that awful trailer with the ------wont move for toffee-----curtains.....managed to persuade them that I was a nice chap and deserved a decent trailer, so they allowed me to do a change-over while I was there.... At last my arms can relax a bit

I'd almost forgotten what it's like to work a whole week and look forward to the weekend....it's all coming back to me now, I feel shattered and am I looking forward to tomorrow

Nice to receive an e-mail from Murray, and there was I thinking he'd forgotten his old Dad.......but of course it's his birthday soon......I'm pleased to hear that Allisson and the children are fine

Thursday, January 22, 2004

13.21. What a dull, dreary,rainy day and I'm so tired......Got home at 05.10 this morning....was two hours late leaving last evening consequently was last to get to Sutton Coldfield.......which meant that I lost the best spot......my spot.....I'm usually first on the scene, still we coped. I can see it's going to be fun tonight with all this rain. Two more to go then it's the weekend.

Heard from JA yesterday, was pleased that he and Sheila are well.....especially Sheila after her recent hip replacement. Nice to still have a pal from one's Army days.

Dont start rocking the boat IDS......seems he's very bitter about the way he was ousted.....Nice, honest and sincere chap but not strong enough.....had to go......For goodness sake lets not rekindle the in-fighting or we're going to have to put up with this band of crooks for another term. Get behind Howard and push........Sigh!.....

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

13.30, not been up long, I did manage to get some sleep.....What a lousy night, rained all the way to Sutton Coldfield. Got there quite early about 21.15, pulled the curtains and and let them get on with.....I reclined my seat and got my flask out, I did doze off for three hours, when I woke they were nearly done.......I ache all over with the strain of pulling the curtains, they were a bit heavy and the rain did'nt help.....guess I'm rusty after all this time idling. Got home at 05.00 and climbed straight into the bath, by time time I got out Jo' was was up making a cuppa.

Read in the press this morning that security guards, traffic wardens (little Hitlers) and a variety of other jobsworth people are to be given the power to issue 'on the spot' fixed penalty fines for various minor offences.....this they say will free up police officers to go after real criminals.....hmm......ofcourse..... MOTORISTS!!........no other serious criminals about eh?........

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

11 am and I hav'nt been up long....worked for Dave last night, as a favour, it seems that some of his staff are not as reliable as he would like.....took a load to the Birmingham area....sat there while they unloaded and reloaded my trailer then left at 3 am....Trouble is Daves' tied me up with this for a few weeks....four, I told him is the max'......Got home at 5 am, did the paper and the crossword, went to bed at 7.......but sleep would not come........perhaps after lunch with the telly on.

Had three e-mails yesterday....Jacquie, Sylvia and Diane....a rather long one from Diane who, being a fairly new penfriend, told me quite a lot about herself.....it seems she's worried about writing to a married man for fear of upsetting Jo'. I suppose I can understand her fears.....I shall have to reply and assure her that Jo' is fully aware of all my lady penfriends.....I mean she's up in the far North East and it's not as if we're about to jump into bed with each other......Sylvia comes across as a lovely warm person, very kind.....her mail said she is going to send me some software that I need, how very kind......Cant' say too much about Jacquie, she reads my blogs!!

Had to go see the quack last evening to get some more medication for this darned sciatica......lorry drivers complaint I'm afraid, got to grin and bear it......John was there too, same problem.

Still there, (buff) Hoon....talk about being thick skinned......I suppose when they finally get rid of him they'll probably bring in the ships steward, Prescott....why not give him a go? After transport and other cock-ups he might as well be given the chance to foul up defence too.....Or perhaps the odious little toad Cook. Come along Michael Howard......

Monday, January 19, 2004

Not so bright this morning......Gloomy, drizzly and generally soul destroying......but life goes on. I just dont' believe it (doing a Meldrew)......Yesterday, after I'd blogged and published I could'nt find it....it disappeared......Tried everything I know....(and thats not much).....to get it right, but no 'it' was gone.......Had jacquie on the 'phone helping, Terry too....but to no avail. Finally got so frustrated that I shut down and went to the pub.....Came home, had my lunch and settled down to watch some telly......Sat there watching all night till the small hours with BLOGGGER in the back of my head bugging me.......This morning I switch on, go straight to my page and there it is.....Cant' believe it.

Got to find a new place to hide my medication.....Jo's found the old one and started pinching it again....Got the pressure she puts me under! Got to go to work tonight and I'll be worried about that now...

I note, in todays press, that (Buff) Hoon still too thick skinned to resign.....the snivilling sleezebag should have gone after it was known that he was totally responsible for the premature death of Dr David Kelly......infact he should have been sacked for going off on holiday when all armed forces leave was cancelled to prepare for war.....What a shower!......Now it transpires that the number one crook...Blair....is about to bring.....three times......disgraced number two crook.....Mandelson.......back into the fold... Come on Michael Howard I'm relying on you to oust this gang of crooks along with their band of cronies and lets get back to honest government......

Sunday, January 18, 2004

God I'm never going to get the hang of this thing. I messed about up here for hours trying to come to grips with a CD of clip art, finally, and in a state of utter exasperation, I rang Terry,(my son-in-law) who put me right.......It's so easy......when you know how. Terry is a real wiz-kid. So I guess with him and Jacquie I'll probably get by.

Another beautiful morning here, bright sunshine but frosty and cold. The sun comes streaming through my studio window first thing but unfortunately I have to have the curtains drawn so as to keep it off the equipment.

Went to the pub last night, got there at about 8.30. Spence' and Jill were there and Nick and anne-Marie and John. John will never change, he's such a skinflint. God why do I have to keep shaming him to stand his corner? The sod will stand there drinking all night so long as someone else is buying, never thinks of putting his hand in his pocket. Sid and Simon were in too, it did'nt take them long to start winding me up and getting me in trouble with Denise (mine host) but she's great, good sense of humour, takes it all in her stride. Bruce too (Denises' other half)

I suppose it's too much to hope for that the Minister of Defence (BUFF) Hoon will resign......God what a spineless piece of work he is....Infact I'm banking on Michael Howard to oust the whole band of crooks and con-merchants, come the next general election. Ah, but it is still a beautiful day...

Saturday, January 17, 2004

It's no laughing matter......especially for a rookie like me. I'm really struggling with this lark.....Thought I'd already done all this, but no appearance of my rantings......Well here goes for a second attempt.......What an absolutely beautiful morning in this lovely County of Cambridgeshire, kinda makes one glad to be alive.....What about the "SOAPS" Are they for real? Are they supposed to be comedies?.....Are the "actors" for real?.....Are they perhaps a little embarrassed with having to say the lines they're given?.....Do they expect us to believe the story lines?.......I thought that soaps were a reflection on life.....or as near to as possible......I mean can you visualise your doctor sitting in a scruffy little back street cafe discussing your neighbours painful piles? come on!........And how does a fat pig farmers wife who goes to being the owner of a shed type garage in charge of the maintenence of a large fleet of commercial vehicles......Where, I ask myself, did the qualifications and experience come from?......And on suddenly to being a structural engineer who, apparnetly erects, single handedly, a factory?......to later go on to become it's production manager?.....The mind boggles!!....Ah, but it still is a beautiful day....

Friday, January 16, 2004

Through a penfriend I've got to know, since getting this new bag of thicks, who introduced me to the "BLOGGER" This is my very first attempt at this sort of thing. There are so many things I want to rave about......in due course. I come up to my studio in the morning at around 10 and generally spend four or five hours playing around. Time seems to fly....
I "talk" to the many friends I've made in the short time I've had this computer: Jacquie, Sylvia, Diane, Barbara, Poppy to name a few....such nice ladies who, between them are teaching me so much....thanks ladies

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