Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Well it's been quite a while since I've written.....I always seem to write on a beautiful day and today is one of those......Things are going well, Jo' is much, much better, she took the advice of one of my penfriends with regard to her (Jo's) medication which, I'm very pleased to say has paid off.......also she has been dry for just over two months. Thanks Josie and if you read this, I still cannot e-mail you.....the short notes go through ok but when I write a longish one, it's returned with the usual message: "Host Unknown" so please write again, I'm not ignoring you!

What are these band of crooks and con-merchants-----who govern us----trying to conceal about this immigration mess now? They've been caught out in so many lies, half truths, spin......Qualified trades people?.......a fingerless electrician? a roofer with one leg?......What, I wonder, became of the supposed security checks?.......There is absolutely no control on our borders and it seems that we're wide open to any terrorist who wants to come in and explode his bomb.......I imagine, like everything else, they'll close the stable doors once the horse has bolted........Ah, but is still is a beautiful day........

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