Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Went to see the Doc' this morning, got an awful, dull, throbbing pain in the left side of my chest and back.....alarm bells started ringing, so I thought, better safe than sorry.....He packed me off to the hospital for an x-ray...of course one never knows whats wrong for at least a week later, but the pain persists....I'm back tomorrow if it continues.....This dull, dreary weather does'nt help!

Wonder how Murray is getting on? Hav'nt heard from him since he started the training course for his new job....Regional Manager for a tyre manufacturer....14 weeks product knowledge course. There must be a lot more that goes into the manufacture of tyres than one imagines.....Still with only the weekend at home, he'll find it difficult to find time for his old Dad!!

But it's got to brighten up soon, we're nearly into Summer........

Monday, May 10, 2004

I really dont' know why I continue to watch these soaps on TV......force of habit I suppose. I always believed that they were supposed to reflect every-day life.....nothing is further from the truth.....Where on Earth do they find these ACTORS(?)....How on Earth do they expect us to believe the story lines? I often wonder if these ACTORS(?) are embarrassed reciting the scripted lines....When do they ever go to work? They're either always in the pub' or in the street squabbling with each other. How is it, I wonder, that one goes from a school boy, one minute, to the owner/operator of a working farm or garage??? Oh, Emmerdale grow up!........

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Not so on this dreary Sunday morning.......I cant' remember a May thats been so wet and miserable, hope it brightens up soon, for Jo's sake......she's put so much hard work into the garden and it is looking lovely.

Went to see Denise and Bruce at the Vine last night.....they moved two weeks ago.....from the Railway......they're slowly getting the mess, they walked into, sorted out.....The previous tenants? Never thought people could live with such filth!......Not too sure if I'm going to continue going to Railway......the new tenants are Gypsies.....Marlene and Mick, we've already re-christened him Boysie! Suppose we've got to give them a chance......The only thing is he's covered with tattoos, drips with gold and wears trainers all the time.....The consolation is that Denise and Bruce are only a mile and a half away.

It's good to have Jacquie back from her visit, with her family in America....we did exchange a couple of e-mails while she was there......I imagine she's still catching up with things.

Orkut finally came through after all the problems they've been having.....I registered and introduced Sylvia and Josie.....but I dont know........

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