Saturday, June 19, 2004

It seems as if I've been away for ages......well I have been rather busy, just hav'nt had the time to get near my computer for the last two weeks, consequently I owe all my friends mail....Not going to be able to catch up this weekend either. I hope my friends will bear with me....I'm back on the night trunk....Dave came to see me the other day, almost begging me to help him out again, so here I am for the next few weeks.

The extra money will help pay for the new car. Yes, finally got rid of the old Rover for a Peudeot 306 Maridian.....not as luxurious as the old Stirling but what a difference in the fuel consumption....now we can do two trips to Jo's mum for a tenner instead of fifteen quid for one, in the old gal. Jo' loves it, to me? it's an evil necessity...but it is nice to drive.

Fathers day again. Got the usual cards from the children.....at least two of them think I'm 'the best Dad in the world'!!! With a bit of luck I may get to see the odd one tomorrow!

It rained most of last night and this morning started off quite nicely but it's gone and spoiled itself now....very overcast and dark, it looks like the heavens are about to open wide! Apparently we're not going to have a repeat of last summer.

Blair has gone and signed that confounded constitution. What absolute arrogance of the the man. Did'nt he get any sort of message from last weeks' European elections? Does'nt he know that most of us---his employers---dont want to give our Country away? What arrogance.......

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